The future always seems so far away. when people imagined 2019, they saw chrome, flying cars, and technology beyond our wildest imagination. today, we see the future as more organic. Back to the future. Everything is clean and simple but it’s replaced that cold chrome with warm wood. The future builds with nature at its core - so does Mayson. At Mayson Clothing, we create for the individuals who are always thinking about the future. It’s a brand for the people who want to create a lasting, positive impact on what comes next. It’s a brand to complement the modern lifestyle.


Our furniture is minimal and functional, made entirely out of natural materials like wood and leather. These materials are still the focal point of the finished product. The simple design and high-function of these pieces means that they are designed to complement your space rather than define it. In a fast-paced world that is rapidly evolving, there is nothing better than coming home to pieces that encourage us to slow down for a moment and reconnect.


Our clothing is no different. As we continue to build our collection, we constantly imagine the ideal modern wardrobe. It’s not a wardrobe where you’ll have a different piece of clothing to wear for every day of the year. Instead, it’s a versatile, responsible wardrobe that works for you with pieces that highlight the wearer, not the brand. Our love of natural furniture is also reflected in our clothing - you’ll find rich colors pulled straight from nature, many of them tones found in the wood used to make our furniture.

Obviously, we’re thinking about the future constantly. When we say ‘made for the future’, it’s not just a comment on our design. It’s a commitment to contribute to a future like the one we imagine whenever we hear the word. Because the future doesn’t have to be in 100 years - it could be 10 years. Regardless, Mayson Clothing is committed to creating products that are made for the future but, thankfully, won’t outlive it.



Caleb Mayerson

Designing, photographing and developing mayson.